Blindside is the name of the project that I am in the process of starting. It takes place in 2023 and focuses on the war between the Global Peace Initiative, a union between the majority of the planet's nations, and the Scarlet Warriors, also known as the Rebels, a world-wide terrorist group that evolved into a rebellion fully capable to combat multiple nations' armed forces on its own thanks to its new variant of guerilla tactics, known to many as Scarlet Warfare.

Inclusion of Price/MacTavishEdit

These two will be significant people of the era, as Price and "Soap" are the first-in-command and second-in-command of the Special Air Service, respectively. Beyond that, however, they will not be featured much in the stories.

For those of you that were curious as to how they ended up these positions, the CIA managed to capture Makarov in 2018 after they persuaded Russia as to what had happened. Nikolai, Price, and MacTavish were found in a rural part of the Yucatan soon after, where they were hailed as war heroes and put on track to their current positions.

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